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Profile of Richard Mortimer:

Richard Mortimer is working part time in Internet Marketing, in
order to supplement his income and help with the charity he works
for. He has extensive expertise is sales and sales management,
having built up the sales force, turn over and profitability of
2 companies in the UK.

His real forte is helping others to get started in business,
learn the skills necessary to succeed, and realise their own
personal goals. Many of his students have gone on to very
successful careers in areas where they never dreamed they would
even be able to survive! Richard is committed to helping people
be successful in all areas of life.

Profile of Jacob Stein:

Jacob Stein is a full time Internet Marketer with extensive expertise
and experience in: traffic generation, list building, affiliate
marketing, joint ventures and the sales process. Jacob has a
successful track record for building large subscriber lists and
generating big profits from automated websites that work for him day
and night.  Jacob is passionate about teaching other people Internet
Marketing principles as a means for achieving their financial goals.