Facebook Pages. Whether you like them or not, they are a free tool that can potentially get you a lot of free advertising. Sure, I’m not talking about those paid adverts down the side of the Facebook desktop pages. But a Facebook Page does have huge value in today’s society and small (or large!) businesses that choose not to have and use them could be said to be missing out.

So, assuming you have set up a Facebook Page for your business. What next? How can you milk it for all it’s worth? Well, hopefully these simple steps will help you utilise the latest Facebook Page features.

1. It’s going to sound a little cheesey – but use your Facebook Page! It’s too easy to set up a Page and forget about it. But then you may as well not have one. Make the most of it. Even engage your fans with general chit-chat “Who’s going away this Summer?” or “what super-power would you most like?”. The more people are responding to it, the more your page is in people’s worlds and screens.

2. You Profile photo is key. It’s not just a way of recognising your page, it’s a first impression to your audience. You have got to make it good enough to make people click! The good thing is that if you have had a designer put together a logo for you, that has already been considered. That’s why, generally speaking, your business logo is the obvious choice. But every page will naturally be different. USe your discretion. Just remember it’s value! First time impressions go a long way.

3. A reasonably new addition to the Facebook design are page Covers. They are the giant images at the top of pages. There are rules about what you put in them – including not adding contact details, offers, prices or offensive things. But still, you can add product photos, buildings or samples. So make the most of the advertising real estate.

4. The About paragraph. Sitting neatly under your profile picture on your page is a box where you can write (in about 150 characters) about your business. Make it short, sweet and punchy. But most importantly – don’t leave it blank!

5. Tick the Tabs. Along from the about blurb are the tabs. There will be four on display. These can be moved around and if you click the expand button on the far right, you can also add more tabs. Do a little web research and see the different tabs that you can add. You can pretty much process anything from payments through to Youtube.

6. Milestones and events. Make the most of the capacity to post events on your timeline, but they rarely occurs for some businesses. So, instead, go nuts with milestones. Every time you complete a project, go to an event, eat nice cake or go to the toilet, consider it a milestone and get to opportunity to post a giant picture (the size of the cover photo) on people’s walls. Perfect advertising! But don’t go TOO crazy, otherwise people will get fed up with your constant “milestones”. Once or twice a month should see you though nicely.

7. Choose your posts carefully. You can pin any given post from your timeline to the top of your page for up to a week. So choose carefully, and variate as much as you can. But this way you can control what the user is going to read first. Rather than that funny Youtube you just posted.

So hopefully these steps will give you a nice little kickstart into the world of Facebook Pages. Remember, Like and Like aLike.

This article was adapted from Quoakle Web Media.

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