One of the problems with getting performance success, is breaking it all down into manageable chunks! The purpose of this article is to help you by showing that all success can be placed into 7 pillars. Then, you are far more able to take an overall view, gauge your own success, and make any changes you desire. This is about gaining success in every area of life. So, here are the 7 pillars:

1.    Peace. This is so important, and must be number one. If you do not have an ‘inner’ peace, everything in life becomes dull and un-interesting. For example, go to a dementia hospital and speak to those sad cases who have nothing, as they see it. Lose your mind, and you lose everything. You must have peace of mind as the foundation.

2.    Health. As with the mind, so with the body. If it’s not functioning properly, your enjoyment of life is reduced, if not vastly so! Bad health limits you and can become a pre-occupation. All the other pillars of success are reduced, or even, pointless, without health. But, of course, peace still comes first. If you had a choice of keeping your mind or your health, most people would chose to keep their ‘marbles!’

3.    Respect. This is how we are regarded by others. This is so important. After having peace and health, the next thing we need to be considered successful is respect. Don’t believe me? Well, just think how you, or others, are motivated to impress others, especially parents and our boss! Some might say that the next pillar (love) comes before respect, and in certain cases that may be true. However, if you think of parent / children relationships, you can see that, most often, respect comes first. (But, I admit, that the two are closely related and are probably interchangeable).

4.    Love. The first two pillars are to do with self. In putting them first, it’s not a question of being self-centered. The person who has lost their mind and their health is no use to anyone and becomes dependent on others. And, of course, it would be love that would motivate the caring party! Love is what bonds humans one with another. We need loving relationships in life, and if we don’t, we can’t really claim success.

5.    Wealth. Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps! With wealth, we become more free. We are not dependent on others to the degree we were before wealth came to us. In fact, with wealth, we are able to help others. Financial freedom is an elusive goal, but a very important one.

6.    Direction. To be considered truly successful, we need direction. We need to know where we are going and how we are going to get there! This is put, more specifically, in terms of goals. It’s a good thing to be goal orientated, as this is what gives direction to our lives. But, goal setting must be kept in perspective. You need the other five pillars first. And, if you don’t have these, they need to become goals!

7.    Drive. What’s the foundation pillar? The one that binds the others together and underpins them? Drive! That motive force that propels you to success. Another way of putting it is: a sense of purpose. The belief that you are going somewhere and that you have been put on the Earth for a reason

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